readfashion: What problems should you pay attention to in the maintenance of Loewe bag?

What problems should you pay attention to in the maintenance of Loewe bag?

24 oct 2018 à 02:38pm

Replica Luxury Bags are standard for celebrities, and every time a new bag is launched, the star is often the first to use it. In 2018, Loewe launched a new saddle bag, which was loved by fashion people when it was launched. Yuan Quan and Jolin Tsai were the first time to get the Loewesaddle bag. Many people are already eager to try and start to get a Loewe saddle bag. Then, before I start the Loewe saddle bag, I will introduce the maintenance method of the Loewe saddle bag.

Loewesaddle bag maintenance

1. The Loewe saddle bag is mainly made of cowhide. The animal skin contains protein. It will deform and mold when exposed to water. When using the Replica Luxury Loewe Handbags, always pay attention to waterproof. After it is stained with water, wipe it with a soft cotton cloth and dry it in a cool dry place. You can apply a lot of care oil every half a year or so after rubbing the bag.

2, exposure will also cause the Fake Loewe Bag cracking deformation, after rubbing the Loewesaddle bag, do not expose to the sun, dry in the shade. Usually going out is inevitable to be sun-dried, but usually pay attention to protection, at least once a year to do care, you can repair the damage of the Loewe saddle bag.


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