Jennyrussell: Impact of Information Technology on Education

Impact of Information Technology on Education

18 sept 2019 à 07:29am

We can see the enchanting and the role of technology in every field. It has changed our lifestyle and thinking perception. There is no doubt that technology has been responsible for creating remarkably precious resources which put all the information we require at our fingertips. Developments in technology have given us many mind-blowing and unbelievable discoveries, better living facilities, luxury, and changed our daily lives. We can observe and feel its influence in every field such as economical, manufacturing, commerce, financial, societal, personal, educational industries, etc. It raised our standard of livelihood and standard of education. It was invented and brought new and highly developed tools and devices which can be linked to the internet by this means it has changed the way we communicate, we play, we shop, we learn and also the way we behave. Technology has brought a massive change in every field and its high light especially we can see in the educational field. Technology really helped to raise the quality of education and changed whole learning and teaching methods and made it more effective and made students concentrate on learning and involved them in the process of learning from essayacademia


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